Steven Flynn

Founder and CEO, Skytango

Steven Flynn is an Emmy-award-winning filmmaker as well as a producer, director, director of photography, editor, and drone pilot.

With a background in electronics and photography, he honed his skills to form his own post-production company in 1996. Among his past clients are PBS, DISCOVERY, TRAVEL CHANNEL, HGTV, and PAISLEY PARK. He moved to Ireland for a short period in 2002 and worked as a freelance editor for his first clients in Europe. He returned to the U.S. in 2003 only to relocate to Ireland again in 2012 and co-found Aerial Filming Ireland. In 2015 he pitched another business idea to the National Digital Resource Centre in Dublin, and is currently the CEO of Skytango™ Ltd.

More information is available at skytango.com

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