Monika Zibolyte

Associate Product Manager in Bentley Systems

Monika has BSc in Earth Sciences from Vilnius University obtained in 2012, MSc in Geographic Information Science from University College London.

Her research thesis “Multi-temporal terrain Modelling, Change Detection and Geotechnical Assessment to Monitor Critical Infrastructure” included using extensive photogrammetry techniques to use various aerial and satellite stereo imagery for 4D terrain generation and it’s assessment for geotechnical analysis throughout 50 years’ time-frame data.

Monika is currently working on structure from motion techniques and 3D modelling, various data acquisition solutions and applications as a product manager in Bentley Systems, collaborates with UCL and Imperial College on research and development of deep learning applications.

Find out more at www.bentley.com

My Sessions

Inspection, Mapping & Surveying track


Thursday 11th May is dedicated to our Inspection, Mapping & Surveying track. We’ll be running in depth seminars in Brunel’s Boardroom from 09:30. Get my tickets

Geographical Information System (GIS) Mapping & Surveying Mining Mulch-spectral Imagery Terrain Mapping Traffic Monitoring & Flow Analysis