Diana Marina Cooper

Senior Director, Legal and Policy Affairs at PrecisionHawk

Diana is the Senior Director of Legal and Policy Affairs at PrecisionHawk.

Prior to joining PrecisionHawk, Diana developed and led the UAS and Robotics Practice Group at the Canadian law firm, LaBarge Weinstein.

Diana has presented on technology law issues at Stanford University, Columbia University, New York University, SxSW, IEEE and NASA. She is a legal contributor at Robohub, and her articles have appeared in publications including Private Equity Manager, The Corporate Counselor, The Lawyer’s PC and Linux Journal.

Diana has been quoted on regulatory issues surrounding drones by media outlets including Forbes, The New York Times, The Guardian, Popular Science, The Globe and Mail, CNET, CBC The National, CBC Radio, CTV, CP24 and NPR.

Diana serves on the Board of Unmanned Systems Canada.

For more information visit precisionhawk.com or read Diana’s blog dianamarinacooper.com

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