7 major growth areas in commercial drones

We’ve identified 7 of the biggest growth areas in the world of commercial drones, and each one will be a major track at Dronetech Europe 2017 (#DTE17).

The special 7 are:

1. Environment & Renewables
Including Climate Monitoring, Meteorology, Wildlife Migration, Wildlife Preservation, Species Monitoring, Air Quality Monitoring, Waterways & Ocean Monitoring and Renewable/Alternative Energy.

2. Film, Photography & Music
Including Motion Pictures & Cintematography, Newsgathering & Reporting and Aerial Photography/Filming.

3. Sport & Performance
Including Extreme & Action Sports, Athletic Practice Recording.

4. Security & Law Enforcement
Including Border Patrol, Avoidance Systems, Commercial Security, Infrastructure Security (anti-drone), Private Security & Protection

5. Emergency Response
Including Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Aid and Firefighting

6. Agriculture & Forestry
Including Precision Agriculture, Plant Research, Crop Management, Livestock Monitoring, Forestry and Multispectral NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)

7. Mapping & Surveying
Including GIS, Mulch-spectral Imagery, Terrain Mapping, Traffic Monitoring & Flow Analysis and Mining

In fact we’re covering so many topics at Dronetech Europe that this event will be the most comprehensive insight into commercial drone technology ever undertaken.

Some other topics that will be covered include: Inspection (incorporating HAZMAT Inspection, Construction and Building Inspection, Pipeline, Rail, Bridge and Infrastructure Inspection, Damage Assessment, Oil, Gas & Nuclear Inspection, Renewable Inspection: solar, wind & tidal); Retail & Package Deliveries; Law & Regulation (as well as Licensing, Pilot Accreditation & Qualification, Insurance); Advertising & Marketing; Telecoms; Gaming & Recreation; Construction … and of course Aviation & Aerospace.

You can read more about these topics on www.dronetech.news

If you want your company to be represented at any of these tracks, get in touch with our team at sponsor@dronetecheurope.com

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